An epic journey of bravery and wonder in a battle to save a magical kingdom.

12-year-old Jack Stumblewick has never left his village. Why would he? The place brims with magic. There’s glittering gold deep inside the mines, and faeries and leprechauns flit through the hedgerows.

But Lady Fate has other plans for Jack, and soon he finds himself embarking on a perilous quest across a land teeming with dangers. There’s vicious vampires, gargantuan giants, and the most sinister Terriblists.

Even though he’s as optimistic as a summer day is long, Jack soon realizes it’s only a matter of time before something monstrous brings his valiant journey to an end. The question is, can he complete his quest before the entire kingdom falls beneath the shadow of a terrifying dragon and comes crashing down around him?

The Wondrous Kingdom of No Such Things is an action-packed fairytale adventure brimming with epic danger, wonder, wisdom, and bucket loads of whimsy. This unforgettable tale provides young readers with a journey of resilience and imagination, and is sure to warm the heart of adults alike.

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"Fast paced book full of adventure, danger and magic.”

“This is an incredible, epic, action-packed fairytale adventure that will have you hooked and on the edge of your seat”