The Witches Of Whidbey Island Are Flying

Are you ready for another spooky Whidbey Island book? The Witches Of Whidbey Island is here!

There’s spooky adventures… a brand new mysterious case for Dylan Wilde and his friends to crack, and tons of hair-raising escapades. Here’s the blurb:

Mysterious creatures in the woods. Old Legends rising. Beware, there’s witchery afoot!

Whidbey Island’s getting weird again. Eerie rumors drift around town like spirits, mystifying howls echo in the night… And as ever, Dylan Wylde and his friends find themselves confronted with a most puzzling mystery. 

What starts out as just another spooky mission from The Society of the Owl and Wolf soon uncovers a dastardly crime.
The island’s ghosts are rising again, but this time they’re the least of Dylan’s problems as he encounters a fearsome foe, far more sinister than anything he’s faced before!

You can get your copy of The Witches Of Whidbey Island at Amazon Kobo Apple Books Barnes & Noble, and there’s signed copies in stores Whidbey Island at Kingfisher Bookstore in Coupeville, The Book Rack in Oak Harbor, The Goose in Bayview, and Wish By The Sea in Langley.
The audiobook is being recorded presently and will be available soon!

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