A boy alone on a mysterious misty island. An ancient pirate ship rising from the depths. A wild chase to find a hidden treasure that will change everything.

Dylan Wylde’s frightened, and with good reason. His brother’s a bully, he’s left his friends behind and now he’s been forced to move to Whidbey Island, or Weirdbey Island as the locals call it.

Throw in a shady secret society, a monstrous sea beast, and a desperate chase to discover a buried treasure before a cursed pirate and his ghostly crew finds it first. And he hasn’t even unpacked yet.

“Pirates of Penn Cove is a fun fast-paced middle grade read perfect for kids who enjoy Goosebumps or spooky, mysterious adventure stories. Also a fun easy read for adults who like a bit of an adventure.”

“This was a well-written book with great characters, great plot, and loads of eerie fun. There is nothing violent in the book to upset younger readers, but there is enough mysterious happenings to keep the older folks entertained.” “(Reviewing on behalf of my 11 yr who read this book)

“I absolutely loved it! Just the right amount of scary. It kept me on the edge of my seat!”