Eerie lights. Spooky visitors. A secret waiting to be told.

Strange things are happening on Weirdbey Island. Odd symbols are appearing in the cornfields overnight, cows and people are going missing, old rumors are returning, and Dylan Wylde’s bang smack in the middle of everything.

Soon Dylan and his trusty friends find themselves on a spooky new mission for The Society of the Owl and Wolf, as well as helping a peculiar group of people who are definitely not what they seem…

An invasion’s coming. Something’s glowing in the skies over the island, and the witches are stirring.
Can Dylan and his friends save not just Weirdbey, but the whole world before the doomsday clock ticks its last? Or will their formidable enemies beat them to the chase?

“These may be aimed at 8-12 year olds and I’m definitely not that age but I love this series and look forward to the next book!.”

“I have loved every one of these delightfully funny and adventurous middle grade books! I may not be middle grade but I love a great story and finding books for the grandkids.”

“I really enjoyed this mystery, the main characters, all young people were entertaining to follow. Bright, resourceful and best of friends, these kids plan and execute and take control of their situation..”