Who is Eldritch Black? The Long story…
I originally happened in the twisted streets of London, England, and was raised by a pack of vampiric wolves. Until I passed into the care of a very curious family of former ventriloquists. But the least said about that time, the better.
After school left me, I found myself with a career investigating the strange and unusual. Sometimes this work was paid, but mostly not. Yet it gave me gazillions of ideas for ghastly stories for readers both young and old alike.
The Book of Kindly Deaths is one such novel; an idea born in an ominous murky train tunnel in England. I finished this debut novel after hopping over the pond to live in America.

Where to find/avoid Eldritch Black
I live in the woods on an island in the Pacific Northwest. The forest is filled with gibbering creatures, and things that twitch and stare. I glean inspiration from the looming trees, and carefully listen to the wise chatter of crows. And also the howls of the unspeakable things that live within the tangles of bramble and root. Thankfully I have four fierce cats by my side, and a mostly useless Labrador, who to be fair, makes an excellent decoy against monsters and beasts.

My main hobby is lurking in graveyards, I also love writing stories that most certainly cannot be described as motivational salves for the soul. A better description would be tales of dark fantasy for brave and curious souls, and readers young and old alike.

You can find me, should you wish to, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr. Please come and say hello, or whatever greeting serves you best.
And watch the shadows.