The Island Scaregrounds by Eldritch Black

The Island Scaregrounds – Weirdbey Island Book 3

Greetings! No, the moon hasn’t turned blue, that’s not why I’m posting on The Occasional Blog. It’s something far more spooky than that, you see, something odd has come to town… Splendimendo’s Carnival no less.

What, pray tell, is Splendimendo’s Carnival? Well you’ll need to read Book 3 of my ‘Weirdbey Island’ series to discover the answer to that. Yes, The Island Scaregrounds is here!

If you’re from Whidbey Island, or have visited it over the summer, then you’re probably aware of the Island Fairgrounds in Langley. They’re wonderful of course, but we’re dealing with the Island Scaregrounds, so this is another matter entirely. You could say (whisper), this is strictly The Society of the Owl and Wolf business. Care to discover more? Read on for the blurb:

The Island Scaregrounds by Eldritch Black

A spooky carnival. A Haunted House that isn’t what it seems. A dangerous truth waiting to be uncovered.

Something terrible is haunting Dylan Wylde; an ominous figure in the woods that could ruin his life forever.

Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, a strange carnival comes to town, and something dark lurks behind its bright twinkling lights. Something sinister. Something that has the ghosts of  Weirdbey Island seriously spooked.

Phantoms run rampant as a dastardly plot unfolds, one that will push Dylan and his friends to their limits. Can they face their deepest fears and strike back before the wicked forces plunge the island into eternal darkness?

For readers who love Middle Grade ghost stories, small town adventures, murky mysteries, and strange, spooky carnivals.

You’ll be able to buy The Island Scaregrounds in bookshops on Whidbey Island signed by yours truly in the very near future, and you can also find it online in all the usual places, links below. Also, the audiobook is coming soon, and I can’t wait to hear it and share it with you. More on that when it arrives.

Anyway, until next time, be careful. The nights are drawing in, the ghosts are prowling, and the mustard and ketchup prophecy foretells the Dark Queen has risen…

Get your copy of The Island Scaregrounds today!

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