A spooky carnival. A Haunted House that isn’t what it seems. A dangerous truth waiting to be uncovered.

Something terrible is haunting Dylan Wylde; an ominous figure in the woods that could ruin his life forever.

Just when he thinks things can’t get worse, a strange carnival comes to town, and something dark lurks behind its bright twinkling lights. Something sinister. Something that has the ghosts of  Weirdbey Island seriously spooked.

Phantoms run rampant as a dastardly plot unfolds, one that will push Dylan and his friends to their limits. Can they face their deepest fears and strike back before the wicked forces plunge the island into eternal darkness?

For readers who love Middle Grade ghost stories, small town adventures, murky mysteries, and strange, spooky carnivals.

“I absolutely adore this series! It is fun, fast paced and keeps you guessing. I will continue to read Mr. Blacks' books. Keep up the good work!”

“I love the spooky carnival setting & the ghostly quandary Dylan & his friends find themselves in this time. It was hard to put down!”

“I listened to this book and it is not just for middle-grade students; I am an adult and I was captivated by the story.”