The Day of the Jackalope by Eldritch Black

The Day of the Jackalope – Weirdbey Island Book Two

Greetings at the Occasional Blog! I’m most excited to announce that book two of Weirdbey Island is published and is available in all bookshops! The Day of the Jackalope follows on from the spooky events of The Pirates of Penn Cove

If you live on Whidbey Island, or have traveled to its beautiful shores then there’s a fair chance you’ve visited the quaint town of Langley (which is where Dylan and his friends live). And if you have, you’ve probably spotted one of the many colored rabbits who hop about the town’s gardens and streets.

A Rabbit in Langley

There’s even one who frequents the Useless Bay Coffee shop where I often write (evidence below).

A rabbit in Langley, Washington State

Anyway… why am I talking about the Langley rabbits? Because I need to warn you that they’re not as they seem… and there’s more. Much more.
And all will be revealed in The Day of the Jackalope. Dive into the book now and discover more. It’s available as an eBook, paperback, and now there’s an absolutely wonderful audiobook by J. Scott Bennett too.
Here’s the blurb and click below for a sample:

The Day of the Jackalope by Eldritch Black

A dastardly secret. A creature that cannot be. A great mystery itching to be solved.

Dylan Wylde has barely had time to recover from his harrowing battle with Captain Grimdire when he and his friend’s find themselves caught up in a new mysterious adventure on Weirdbey Island.
People are vanishing in the night and no one wants to talk about it…

Are these sinister occurrences linked to the eerie fortune teller who’s just arrived in town? The one gathering a horde of strange, creepy-eyed followers?

Dylan and his friends soon find themselves investigating the disappearances while uncovering a cryptic mythical creature who shouldn’t exist.

Now, as a series of dark events spread across the island, they’re forced to face a terrifying new foe who threatens to take over the world.

Jackalopes, rotten mermaids, and rabbits that are not what they seem…

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