The Coupeville Haunt Has Opened!

The days are growing shorter, and the nights darker and longer. There’s a hint of autumn in the air. The spooky season is coming, and with it, the new Weirdbey Island novel ‘The Coupeville Haunt’!

Here’s the blurb:

The autumn air sparkles with the spirit of Halloween. Magic weaves through the night. The grand opening of the mysterious Coupeville Haunt is almost here!

On a mist-shrouded Weirdbey Island, where even the shadows hold monstrous secrets, a spooky contest is about to begin. One that may hold a most fearful fate.

After meeting a dastardly trickster clown, Dylan Wylde and his loyal friends are forced to face an extraordinary challenge—confronting not just one, but three formidable foes! The prize? The coveted Halloween crown. The cost? A nightmarish contest.

Soon, Dylan and his companions find themselves racing against the clock because failure to win the crown could lead to terrible things. For there can only be one winner in the Halloween Trials.

Dare you enter the Coupeville Haunt? Be prepared, for something seriously spooky this way comes!

Get ready for a tale filled with twists and turns. The Coupeville Haunt is perfect for Ages 8-12, and readers young at heart who love whimsical spooky wonders & fast-paced adventures.

The Coupeville Haunt is available on Amazon, and signed copies, this time borne by ravens, are winging their way to Madrona Supply Co in Clinton, The Goose in Bayview, Wish By The Sea in Langley, Kingfisher Bookstore in Coupeville, The Book Rack in Oak Harbor and also Wind & Tide in Oak Harbor!

If you live away from the island and would like a personalized and signed copy of the latest adventure, please feel free to contact me!

Wishing you magical days and nights!

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