Pumpkins, skeletons and a cat in a tutu

A Skeleton and two pumpkins

It’s that time of year again. The nights are drawing in, the shadows are spreading. Crows caw melancholy cries in the woods and things scamper in the undergrowth.
Soon, legions of little monsters will descend into the streets, their eerie faces lit by the glow of pumpkins.
Sweet things will be eaten, eggs will be thrown

I love Halloween (no, really). Not only does it suit my writing, it also means I can walk around in my cape and top hat without causing a stir. It’s a perfect time of year to blend in. Unlike Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.
Our cats like Halloween too, and it seems like they’re planning something. I never ask what. Some things are best left unknown.

A Cat in a tutu


The weather and general creepiness is seeping into my writing. Currently I’m reworking a previous novel and it’s going really well. Hopefully there will be something to share early next year. Expect a tale of myths, witches, dark magic, and lots and lots of trees.

In the meantime, The Book of Kindly Deaths is available and it’s doing really well. The book has had some amazing reviews, and I’m really grateful. There’s also a competition running (at the time of writing) to win a copy of the book as well as a rather special necklace. You can find more by clicking here.
There will be another competition coming in November to win a signed copy of the book and a necklace, details to follow.
And no, the competition has nothing to do with mustaches.

The Ghosts of The Tattered Crow


In the meantime, to celebrate Halloween, my most Halloweeny story of all (for now)‘The Ghosts of the Tattered Crow’ will be free on…Halloween. So if you’d like to read a tale of ghosts and dark murder in Victorian London, look no further.
There are no tricks involved with this deal, merely treats. Depending on your tastes.

Happy Halloween!

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