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Huzzah! A new year, a new website, and new beginnings. Including a brand new book, called The Thief of Christmas…or at least that’s what it’s called for now. I’ve always loved chilling winter tales filled with ghosts and all manner of scary things. They make perfect reads on long dark nights.
There are no ghosts in my book, but there are plenty of other scary things… including a certain nightmarish lord of misrule who brandishes birch sticks and throws children into sacks. Or at least those who have behaved badly, and there are possibly no worse children than Gabrielle Greene. Or so it may seem…

I also finished The Shadow Collectors, a tale of Gothic dread and creeping horror set in Victorian London. The book was finished in the autumn, and after a few final touches it will be ready to go out into the world. The Shadow Collectors features two of the characters from my short stories, namely Professor Thistlequick and Jake Shillingsworth. If you’d like a glimpse into their strange and creepy worlds, you can read more about The Ghosts of The Tattered Crow, and The Demon of Gloamingspark Yard on the books page, or by clicking those links.


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