Krampus Night is coming, bringing dark fairy tales, waking legends and a magical battle for the heart of Christmas.

Gabrielle Greene has just been crowned the worst girl who ever lived, and she doesn’t know it yet but she’s leaped to the top of Krampus’ naughty list. Krampus, the mysterious sinister Winter King. Krampus the warden of Christmas who comes calling once a year seeking wicked children to haul back to his snowy lands.

When Gabrielle’s younger brother vanishes she sets out searching for him but soon finds herself hurtling into a shadowy otherworld. A place of terrible trolls, murky forests, coal-black mountains, Christmas charms and fearsome beasts.

Can Gabrielle rescue her brother from the fiendish Krampus? Will she become The Thief of Christmas? 
As the clock ticks Gabrielle discovers her decisions have created terrible consequences, consequences that she must face if she’s going to stand a chance of saving Christmas.

“I didn't expect it but I had so much fun reading this story! It's engaging and well paced, with dark-ish atmosphere, humour and amazing writing.”

“A really good holiday story that kept me turning pages long after I should have been sleeping. I definitely recommend giving this a read!”

“It's an adorable and charming story about right and wrong but also about family, duty, and caring.”